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In the year 1919 the word of the first Egyptian engineers agreed to establish a recognized body to promote engineering sciences that represented them and worked to publish their investigations, provide them with technical information, promote their literary position, and raise the status of the engineering profession, and the Egyptian Society of Engineers was the one that developed a basic law that it extracted from the laws of several societies abroad,  On December 3, 1920, the first meeting of the board of directors of this association was held, and this day was considered the date of the establishment of the association, and in that session, the association law was approved and the board of directors formed from a president and two agents and 12 members, and on December 1, 1922, the assembly obtained government recognition by a decree.  Royal, issued by the adoption of the statutory law of the Egyptian Royal Society of Engineers, and to be covered by the government with its high sponsorship, and the number of members gradually increased, after it was 40 at the time of establishment when the government recognized it, it reached a hundred members, and then it became about five thousand members.

Current Issue: Volume 62, Issue 2, December 2023, Pages 81-1